10 Bar Carts for Small Spaces That Will Change Your Decor Forever

Having a small room is no excuse not to have the home bar you have always dreamed of…

In a time when apartments are getting smaller and our needs are getting bigger, we have come a long way to make both ends meet. In this case, we are talking about how you can still entertain and have friends over even if your living room is only 70sq feet! Check out these 10 gorgeous bar carts for small spaces and let us know how much fun was your next dinner party!

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If you don’t have a whole lot of space in your living room, go with a small bar cart that still has all the essentials: a wine rack and a stemware rack to store some of your favorite liquor bottles and glasses!

A gold bar cart is always a statement of good taste and it will look amazing in a marble-floored living room! Your proof is in the photo above, so make sure to take some notes.

If you are going with a slightly bigger bar cart and can afford to place a few decorative elements on top, we advise you to get a flower jar with bright and cheery colors that will liven up the room.

If gold is not your thing, this silver bar cart will surely do the trick. With four oversized decorative wheels on the bottom, there is also plenty of space to store all your best bottles and everything you need to make your next cocktail party a success!

And although the classic black & white pairing is definitely out this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few black elements in your home bar decor. This black drink cart is one of our favorites, as it is simple and boasts clean lines that don’t overpower the room and make it look sleek, yet ready to party!

A brass bar cart is also a good idea if you are going for a more mid-century vibe. The marble-like base at the top goes extremely well with the brushed gold brass of the body of the cart and creates the retro vibe you were probably looking for to finish your room decor.

Moving on to more a scandinavian territory, this DIY bar cart is what you need if you can’t afford to have an extravagant bar trolley. It is simple and has the space necessary to hold all your essentials…

Bring that art deco feeling into your living room with this gorgeous gold bar cart! We are still not sure what we love more: the embroidered details on the shelves or the classic wheels! Either way, a classic choice to make your home bar area shine brightly.

A mid-century bar cart was missing from our list, but now we have settled that. This round bar cart is everything! The seemingly raw metal gives it a subtle industrial look that will look amazing in your curated living room.

Intricate patterns will be a big trend this year, which means you don’t want to overpower your living room with a bar trolley that is too over the top. This simple brass bar cart does the trick and looks super sleek!

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