10 of the Best Bar Design Ideas Around the World

The best bar design might be just around the corner, or literally an ocean away. It’s up to you to decide.

If you are searching for the best bar interior design in the world, today we have made a special list of 10 of our favorite bar design ideas. Spread a little bit all over the four corners of the world, all ten interiors featured on our list stand out for their bar stool furniture ideas, lighting fixtures, or just overall atmosphere of the bar itself. From mid-century inspired bar designs, to more industrial or just absolutely over the top designs, you will find it all. Be inspired!

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The Musket Room, New York City

Designed by renowned Alexander Waterworth Interiors, the Musket Room features rustic and contemporary design elements that, combined, create a simple and stunning award-winning space in the city that never sleeps. The mid-century inspired bar stools and dining chairs add to the mid-century feeling.

Topolopompo, Israel

A wide space with several cork elements, Topolopompo is a great restaurant and bar in Israel that cannot be missed. The sleek black bar chairs are very similar to the mid-century classic Ant Chair by Arne Jacobsen and enhance the mid-century vibe on the overall look of the whole space.

Christopher’s, London

If you ever find yourself in London, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Christopher’s. Not only do we love it for its overall bar design, but all the details make every second spent inside count. Our favorite elements are, of course, the gorgeous color block bar stools and the mid-century pendant lamps signed by DelightFULL.

The Howler, Australia

This tropical oasis of a bar is called The Howler and it is located in Brunswick, Australia. Conveying the feeling of its surroundings, if you happen to stop at The Howler for a cocktail or even just a coffee with friends, make sure to enjoy their outdoor space.

Night Flight, Bulgaria

Something that looks almost out of this world, Night Flight is a gorgeous bar in Bulgaria. The mirrored ceiling creates a big sense of depth and a stunning optical illusion. There is a round bar counter in the middle of the room and several booths spread over the bar, creating a comfortable ambience.

W Guangzhou FEI, China

Being in China, you would expect for this bar to be a huge monument and celebration of bar design. And… you weren’t disappointed. With giant shimmering walls, it is easy to feel lost inside it. However, you can always find your focus if you have the chance to sit in the stunning mid-century inspired yellow bar stools.

Hutong Shard, London

Hutong Shard in London boasts a very rustic and natural look, which we absolutely love! There is a slight oriental feeling to it, with a tree on the middle and the round door arch. Of course that what stands out are the red lanterns on the tables and ceiling!  

The Cake, Ukraine

Talking about unique, there is probably not a more unique restaurant interior design than The Cake in Ukraine. It is colorful, it is fun, and it is definitely cheery. The light wooden elements add for a more Scandinavian vibe across the bar.

Estado Puro, Ibiza

Tiling, red statement and an airy feeling are what you will be able to find at Estado Puro in Ibiza. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Spanish island and be inspired by great interior design at the same time.

Whyte and Brown, London

We have decided to finish things off with an industrial-inspired bar design. The Edison light bulbs and green accents all around Whyte and Brown create the perfect atmosphere for a night out in the city with friends.

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