10 Valentine’s Day Cocktails That Will Make Your Life Much Pinker!

Yes, we have found a way to make your Valentine’s Day even pinker than what might be socially acceptable!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and these 10 cocktails will make your evening much brighter, much sexier and, for sure, much pinker! Take a look at our selection of the best Valentine’s Day cocktails, and choose your favorite recipe to try out on the most romantic evening of the year!

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Blackberry Ginger Ale

If you love ginger ale, you’re about to love it even more! Add a punch of blackberry for a sweeter flavor and surprise your valentine with this delicious Valentines Day drink.

Strawberry Bellini

Champagne is one of the most classic romantic drinks ever. The only thing you could do to make it even more romantic is adding a few roses and a sugar rim that makes everything sweeter!

June Blush Cocktail

Although not very pink on its own, adding a few pink rose petals can instantly make this seemingly normal cocktail the perfect Valentines Day drink! Add a fun twist to your favorite drink and make it ready for Valentine’s Day!

Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats

Have a bucket of raspberry ice cream in your freezer and a bottle of your finest champagne? Perfect, you have the two main ingredients that make this delicious pink cocktail!

Raspberry Rose Margaritas

Bring out the tequila, and bring out all the raspberries you can find! This raspberry rose margarita mixes some of the best cocktail ingredients in the world: tequila, lime, raspberry and, did we mention tequila?

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Pink Señorita

Everyone says that opposites attract, and that is definitely true according to this sweet and sour pink cocktail! With a stunning subtle pink hue, this mixed drink might even be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, who knows…?

Raspberry Moscato

Adding heart shaped ice cubes will automatically make your pink cocktails look even more romantic! And this raspberry Moscato drink sure does deserve all the love!

Blackberry Jam Cocktail

If you’re not sure whether to use jam in your drink, this cocktail recipe will surely make up your mind! It creates a sweet and sour scent that will make you fall in love even more. Find the recipe here.

Spicy Pomegranate Margaritas

Margaritas are already delicious, but now it’s the time to make them spicy! Turn up the heat with a few jalapeńos and tequila blended into a fruity margarita.

Pomegranate Pink Lemonade Punch

A special punch for a special day! Of all the cocktail ingredients we have talked about today, pomegranate is probably our favorite. Add a few seeds for a special texture and a surprise for your S.O.!

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