4 Newly Open Places To Eat And Drink In Porto For Your Next Getaway

Porto, the trendy city that everyone wants to visit with new and exciting places to eat that you’ll want to know about!

When it comes to travelling, Porto is the ideal choice for a lot of tourist, even more so in the last few years, having this beautiful city become the trendiest city to visit on a getaway. But it’s not only known for its beauty, outstanding history and amazing attractions… it’s also known for its delicious cuisine! Today, we’ll show you 4 newly open places to eat and drink in Porto that will become your favorites with just one bite and one gulp!

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La Fontana

A new Italian restaurant in this amazing city with authentic recipes and its main ingredients imported directly from Italy. It’s also the only place in Porto where you can try basil-flavored ice cream, a sight for the eyes and a joy for your taste buds. The owner, Andrea, was born in Roma and spent some of her childhood there, so this restaurant is more than understandable to have such inspiration and passion put into it. Even the wines come directly from Italy, making this a little piece of Italian heaven in the city of Porto.


Inaugurated in May, Fixebowl brings us Japanese cuisine mixed with Hawaiian food served in colorful bowls, a trend that seems to have reached this big city. It’s a cute little establishment located in the local art district where one can enjoy deliciously healthy bowls of rice, noodles, fish and veggies. The interior decor of this restaurant is also bright and colorful so this should definitely be a must stop if you are visiting Porto.

The George Restaurant & Terrace

A restaurant located in Vila Nova de Gaia, it has 4 beautiful different spaces – restaurant, bar, terrace and events room – offering 4 different experiences in the same building. While the restaurant offers a sophisticated ambiance and a menu of traditional dishes from the north of the country, the bar has a more relaxed ambiance, perfect to listen to some music while tasting the best of drinks and cheeses. And of course, you can’t forget the terrace view of the beautiful Porto city and river. It’s to die for!

The Happy Nest

Want to find a place to have a meal with your 4 legged companion? This is it! And even if your 4-legged friend didn’t tag along for this adventure, this pet-friendly place is still very much worth visiting. With a simple yet delicious breakfast option that will instantly bring a smile to your face, we can’t think of a better way to start your day than by drinking a latte in their elegant back-garden while enjoying a French croissant.

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