5 Black Kitchen Bar Stools for a Warm Monochromatic Decor

Black, a neutral color that can be teamed up with different colors and still create a nice contrast and an elegant accent.

More than a space to cook or eat, the kitchen is probably the place where you spend more time with family, or I would even say that can actually be the place where you spend more time in general. Since we pass that much time there why not getting a comfortable and good-looking kitchen bar stools?

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Black and brass, a perfect combination to create a classy, delicate and opulent look.

Black bar stools with mid-century modern lines to give a luxurious statement to your kitchen furniture.

Its breakfast time, the first meal of the day and you want to sit for a little while, to prepare yourself for what’s coming next, and there’s nothing better than sitting on comfortable breakfast bar stools while eating your cereals, or toasted bread with milk, or even your eggs with bacon, a typical English breakfast.

Photo © homes TO LOVE

For a modern kitchen, modern bar stools it’s the answer.

Photo © decoraciondecocinas

What about swivel bar stools adjustable to everyone in the family?

Photo © Executopia

Leather bar stools, resistant and durable, perfect to resist even to the hardest mornings!

Photo © Yandex

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