5 Yellow Bar Stools that Will Bring Joy to Your Home

Time to bring a little bit of joy into our kitchens, and into our lives!

After we have shared our favorite five black kitchen counter stools, today we are sharing with you some of our personal favorite yellow bar stools! Yellow bar stools are an easy and fun way to add a little bit of color to your kitchen decor, and make it ready to welcome Summer!

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These industrial yellow bar stools would look great in a more contemporary kitchen decor, as well as a rustic man cave, or home bar.

As for breakfast bar stools, we are in love with these minimalist yellow stools. As seen in the photo above, they look great with a black and white color scheme and are a great way to add some color to your monochromatic kitchen.

Pair your yellow bar stools with wooden furniture for a more classic look. In fact, this can even be a fun DIY! If you already own a couple of outdated wooden bar stools, take them out in the sun and give them a fresh look.

Finally, go with a subtle yellow shade and light wood for a sleek look on your bar stools. In this case, you can sense a more Scandi vibe going on, proving there is no wrong way to bring a little yellow into your home!

Editor’s Choice

These gold plated brass bar stools are perfect for a more sophisticated kitchen, or home bar. If you’re not up for a bar chair, these are perfect small bar stools with backs, much to the art deco style.

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