6 Best Bar Carts With Polished Brass For Your Mid-Century Home

For those who love a good cocktail hour, this is for you! Find the perfect brass bar carts for mid-century modern homes.

It’s time for you to step up the entertaining part of your life? Well then, here you will find the best bar carts, which will pull the party together and bring it wherever the place you decide to go. Just don’t forget that your bar cart needs to have wheels or else it’s not a real one!

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Before we start, there’s something that you need to consider. Your bar cart needs to fit your style and space where you want to have him most of the time.

Number One

Photo © ElleDecor

Classy, shiny and one of the things that call the attention, the wheels! Most of the bar carts are a bit more discrete, but as we said before it depends on your style and if you’re looking for an accent piece which will draw the attention to himself, this is the right choice for you.

Number Two

Photo © Mydomaine

What about something more smooth? With a brownish color, which will go with the wood floor, this bar cart is completely different from the first one. More discrete but still functional and stylish in its own way. Something we should refer to is the oval base, which is different from the rectangular form that you usually find.

Number Three

Photo © Thepages

Unless you drink one cocktail ever, most bar carts likely won’t hold everything you need. So don’t try to fit every bottle you ever bought and instead use the space you have properly to keep the clean look like the example above. Just make sure it’s properly stocked with the bar accessories.

Number Four

Photo © Coveteur

A completely different one. This time we present to you a rounded format bar cart which keeps the functional part on it but adds a funny and stylish look as well.

Number Five

Photo © blinds

As we said before bar carts are pretty functional cause they can go wherever you are, but you can always keep him near your sofa to look like a side table, and keep your drinks handy for the relaxing moments that you spend on it.

Number Six

Photo © Williams Sonoma

Oh… And we almost forgot!! Just save some space for a few snacks. It’s always good to have something to eat, and with a bar cart with 2 to 3 shelves for sure you will have the right place to have one or two snacks.

SEE ALSOTips To Create The Best Home Bar Your Home Has Ever Seen

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