6 Iconic Bar Decorations from TV Shows That Are Still in Our Minds

Some things in life are timeless. These bars are definitely on that list.

In a time when tv and streaming shows are getting more and more popular, there are a few production designs that we can’t seem to shake off our heads. The 6 iconic bar decorations you are about to see belong in some of those memorable production designs that, in their turn, are from some of the most popular tv shows of the modern days.

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Cheers, Cheers

Cheers is probably one of the most famous tv series of all time. It also has one of the most iconic bar decors ever! With a traditional style, Cheers was the place where a group of locals used to meet to drink, relax, and socialize, and that we will never forget.

Emerald City Bar, Grey’s Anatomy

Most commonly referred to as “Joe’s”, Emerald City Bar is the place where the doctors go after work to clear their heads. Without a doubt, one of Seattle’s most famous bars for all Grey’s Anatomy lovers!

McLarens, How I Met Your Mother

Probably one of the most famous bars in all tv series history, McLaren’s couldn’t be left out of our list. A typical Irish pub in New York, McLaren’s has countless stories of the five friends, and we would all love to have the chance to have a drink there.

The Garrison, Peaky Blinders

Your typical 1920s Birmingham pub, The Garrison was one of the main locations of Peaky Blinders’ action during the first two seasons of the British tv series. Although it was eventually destroyed, and rebuilt in season 2, the Garrison will forever be the place where Thomas Shelby first saw Grace…

Horace and Pete’s, Horace and Pete

Horace and Pete is a dramatic web series about two brothers, introverted Horace and mentally ill Pete, who are the owners of their family’s Irish bar “Horace and Pete’s”. What’s so great about this bar decoration are probably the vintage bar chairs and the whole traditional vibe going on, making it such an icon!

Paddy’s Pub, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s quirkiest pub, Paddy’s is where all the fun is. With an amazing cast, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia makes us want to fly over and hang out at the Irish pub. The vintage bar stools add to the industrial bar decor, making it look iconic!

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