6 Movie Bars Where We Wouldn’t Mind Having a Drink

You know you’d love to have a cocktail in Casablanca’s coolest bar: Rick’s.

Who hasn’t ever dreamt of having a drink at Rick’s, or even The Park Hyatt Piano Bar from Lost in Translation? That might not be a possibility as you know it, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. And today we are showing you our six favorite movie bars of all time! Check them out and take some notes for your own bar design…

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Park Hyatt Piano Bar, Lost in Translation

Probably one of the most famous bars in the cinematic world, the great thing about the Park Hyatt Piano Bar is that you can actually visit it in Tokyo. Immortalized by the characters of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanson, you won’t be able to resist taking a detour when you’re in Tokyo.

Lost in Translation had one of the best movie production designs ever, and the cult movie has made many fans fly over to Japan over the years, just to stay at the iconic hotel.

Rick’s Café Américain, Casablanca

The world first saw Rick’s pub in 1942, when Casablanca premiered and blew everyone away. Serving mostly champagne and brandy, Rick’s Café Americain was the stage for several iconic moments in the cinematic world. “Play it, Sam”

Coyote Ugly Saloon, Coyote Ugly

The dream bar decor for any man who has ever watched the cult movie Coyote Ugly. Might not be your typical local bar, but its vintage look sure makes us fall in love with its roughness.

The Gold Room at the Overlook Hotel, The Shining

The perfect place to have a Jack Daniels, the Gold Room at the Overlook Hotel is one of the most famous bars in Hollywood. “Here in the cavernous ballroom stands the bartender of his dreams. Motionless, surrounded in white light, and he doesn’t even charge for drinks.”

Mos Eisley Cantina, Star Wars

If you could ever have the chance of visiting Tatooine (and we sure would love for it to be real!), you had to stop by Mos Eisley Cantina! It might be one of the most dangerous bars in the Universe, but it would be worth it if you were looking for the biggest villains in the galaxy…

Moe’s Tavern, The Simpsons

And we had to wrap this up with what is literally the most famous movie bar ever. Starting out on the little screen, Moe’s Tavern had the chance to shine on the big screen back in 2007. With pale colors and what is probably a sticky floor, Moe’s Tavern has won over all of our hearts, and we would love to stop by just to have a Flaming Moe’s.

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