7 Classic Cocktail Recipes that’ll Glam Up Your Summer

The whole point of summer is that you can have a good time and relax. These 7 classic cocktail recipes will, for sure, guarantee exactly that.

Lets get to know the top 7 best classic cocktail recipes that you can do this summer, whether you are sun bathing in the garden of your home, or under a lovely coconut tree in Thailand.

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Without further ado…

Number 1: Bahama Mama

Not the most well-known cocktail of all but, Bahama Mama truly represents everything you must taste this summer.

Incredibly refreshing with a great taste of fruit, this cocktail combines multiple fruit options, like pineapple, cherry, orange coconut and lemon with dark and light rum.

Sounds delicious, right?

Number 2: Caipirinha

And why would this drink taste so good in the summer? Simple. It is Brasil’s most famous cocktail, and there is a pretty good reason for that.

The cocktail it self is relatively simple to make, although it requires a lot of effort.

Traditionally made with Cachaça and lime, but can also use white rum and lemon, the truly key part of this is the brown sugar you use, and covering the surface of the glass, when you are done with all the shaking, in picked ice.

Number 3: Kamikaze

One of the most well-known cocktails in the world, Kamikaze was named as such just after World War II, in an american military base in Tokyo.

Kamikaze is made out of three equal parts of Vodka, Triple Sec and Fresh lemon juice.

Number 4: Long Island Iced Tea

One of the most complete cocktails out there, the Long Island Iced Tea takes around double the drinks that other cocktails require.

This classic is made with Tequila, Vodka, White Rum, Gin, Triple Sec and then you should ad a splash of soda, for that classic taste.

Number 5: Cuba Libre

This classic in the world of cocktails first originated in Cuba, as a product of a free-Cuba movement, after the Spanish-American war.

This one is very simple to make, but also incredibly refreshing.

Most of it is soda, mixed with some white rum, and then you add-on lime, mint leaf and ice cubes, to give it that refreshing kick.

Number 6: Margartita

Another classic, this one is the safest choice you have when, for example, entertaining guests. Why? You can have it on the rocks (with ice cubes), blended with ice (frozen Margarita) or straight up (with out ice).

It is also traditionally served with salt around the rim of the glass and a slice of lime.

It consists mostly of tequila and lime juice, then, according to taste, people vary from orange liqueur and  triple sec.

Number 7: Cosmopolitan

Also known as Cosmo for friends, this is a cocktail primordially made with Vodka and triple sec, balanced with cranberry juice and sugar on the rim and lemon, giving it a more sweet and sour twist, when compared with other cocktails.

Which ones were your favorites? Let us know which ones you will be having over the summer!

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