7 Swivel Bar Stools That Will Make Your Head Go Round

 Let’s go for a spin, shall we?

In the universe of bar stools not everything is still. Sometimes, there’s a little twist that makes you go round. And if these 7 swivel bar stools don’t convince you to change from your old breakfast bar stool to a new and upgraded one, then we might as well give up. Let’s check them out!

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If you’re feeling fancy this white leather mid-century bar chair is the perfect fit for you. A swivel bar chair that can be 100% customized to fit your needs and your new kitchen decor.

Photo © Sarah Richardson

Your typical swivel bar stool, these wooden breakfast bar stools complete the look of a fancy kitchen. In this case, we’re looking at Sarah Richardson’s kitchen, and these seemingly rustic swivel counter stools are everything!

What about a metal bar stool? This art-deco inspired bar stool is Kelly by Essential Home, and we have actually reviewed this piece before. Catch up on your reading, and come back for more!

West Elm is known for their mid-century and scandinavian inspired furniture. And these mid-century bar chairs fall on our list of most loved. They were made not to look swivel, adding a fun ~twist~ to your kitchen counter design!

One for the industrial lovers. While this style has seen better days, we can’t deny it is the perfect fit for a retro man cave. This surprinsingly swivel bar stool would complete your cave bar look.


Another set of metal bar stools, because why not? We like them, and we think they look great in any kitchen. With the right accessories to make the decor feel a little less cold, success is guaranteed.

Last, but not the least, another mid-century bar chair by Essential Home. Gable comes upholstered in one of the coziest and most comfortable fabrics you’ll ever feel in your life, and it also swivels! It’s literally the best of all the worlds in one bar chair.

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