5 Upholstered Bar Stools that are Perfect for a Vintage Bar

Whether you’re in the middle of decorating your own bar, or if you are looking for inspiration to try to get your interior designer to see your vision, these ideas might be just your cup of tea.

Decorating a theme bar is definitely not an easy task, especially when it comes to choosing the right stools for your counter. The following are just seven of our favorite upholstered bar stools, which are perfect for the vintage bar you so want to open!

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With a gold plated base and a leather upholstered seat, Russel bar chair is the perfect modern bar stool for your vintage bar. If you are looking to get a more contemporary twist, that is…

For a sophisticated touch, you can get your upholstered bar stool just like Gable on the photo below. Again, with a handmade brass base and an upholstered seat that can be customized to your liking, it will be easy to create the look that you are looking for.

With a classy 20s vibe, Doris bar chair is definitely a vintage bar chair at heart. The seat resembles the stunning dress fringes we usually associate with the 20s and it immediately brings you back to the 20th century!

For a bolder look, consider this luxurious deep blue velvet bar chair. The richness of the blue will make this chair the focal point in any vintage bar, and people will most likely have a hard time getting away from it once they feel how comfortable it actually is!

Our final favorite is a more mid-century inspired bar chair. Collins is like a bar stool with back which gives you all the comfort you might need for when you’re waiting at the bar for your table to be ready. Upholstered in a rich black fabric, remember that you can always customize your chair to look just like you want it to!

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