8 Home Bars & Carts That Will Inspire Your Inner Interior Designer

Time to add a few more home bars and carts to our collection…

After falling in love with some of the most stunning vintage restaurants out there, and choosing our favorite Oscar movie AND bar chair, today we are back to inspire you with a few home bars and carts that will make your inner interior designer come out and redecorate your whole living room!

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Having a home bar is a great excuse to have people over and mix some of your favorite cocktails. If you don’t have a whole lot of space, you can go with a small cart to help you store all the essentials of a proper home bar. We have actually written something about it some time ago, so make sure to check it out!

The great thing about having a bar cart is that you can actually repurpose vintage items you don’t want anymore. Take the example below as an easy and stylish way to repurpose an old industrial table top!

Trend alert! Shelves are becoming the next big thing when it comes to home bar ideas! Just like small carts, they are perfect for more space confined rooms, and they make for great living room ideas.

What about a brass bar cart? They add a subtle feeling of luxury and they are extremely easy to pair with other colors and materials. Below, we can see a square bar cart that was neatly placed next to this big home bar setting full of colors and textures.

Photo © Mary Costa Photography

The most important thing in your home bar decor has to be placement. Of course you should also contemplate all the elements that make up a bar, but placement is key. Install your home bar in your living or dining room, taking into account which one is the room where you receive your guests. After that, you just need to worry about having fun!

Jonathan Adler’s interior in Manhattan, NYC.

Mid-century bar chairs that’d go well w/ these bar carts

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