8 Irresistible Parisiense Bistros To Get A Meal Before Maison et Objet

Prepare yourself to taste the best of Parisiense cuisine in these little classic bistros before you head to Maison&Objet!

Maison et Objet is just around the corner and, honestly, we couldn’t be more excited for it! Of course, when you go visit this amazing event, you have to take the chance to experience a little bit of Paris as well. Its culture awaits you this September so make sure to grab your coffee and croissant before Maison and enjoy yourself!

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Le Bon Georges

Photo © Le Bon Georges


We have to start with a traditional, classic bistro with a simple menu to please every palate, all served in a cozy atmosphere to make you feel at home in a foreign country. You’ll find yourself wanting to come back for more, and certainly experiencing the best of traditional Paris cuisine. With the use of high-quality, local ingredients, they provide the best dishes no matter how simple. Definitely a place you’ll recommend to friends once you experience it.

Bistrot Paul Bert

Photo © Eric Folger | Flickr

With an authentic décor and a classic menu revolving around French specialties, it’s no surprise that this bistro is a favorite of the 11th arrondissement. A bistro that isn’t afraid to use vegetables in their dishes and give it a touch of uniqueness into the dishes, as well as specializing in cheese, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the cuisine of this charming bistro. If you’re a fan of wine, grab one from the owner’s excellent collection to taste the best of French viticulture. And don’t forget to try the desserts that are sure to make your mouth water for more.

Café des Musées

Photo © Café des Musées

Café des Musées knows exactly how to mix the classic bistro vibe with the Art Deco style, creating a fun, artistic and casual ambiance that matches perfectly with its amazing menu. It’s more focused on vegetables than most bistros, but you’ll find classic terrines and beef bourguignon just as easily. No matter what you choose on the menu, you’ll always get the best quality with the best ambiance.

Le Comptoir du Relais

Photo © Denys Clement

An Art Deco restaurant with a touch of the style that the chef itself pioneered in the 90’s: the neo-bistro. In this bistro, Le Comptoir du Relais, you’ll find the classic bistro menu at lunch, but in the evening, the neo-bistro is put into action, with elevated dishes that are real to the highest quality Parisiense cuisine at an affordable cost. Grab a spot in this bistro to taste the best of both worlds!


La Bourse et la Vie

Photo © Owen Franken

The work of an American chef, Daniel Rose, this bistro is as classic as it can get, with a minimalist menu that sticks to the true spirit of bistro cuisine, always with fresh and seasonal ingredients that make this such a great place to eat when you’re in Paris. You can’t miss the chef’s interpretation of French cuisine with the best of local ingredients.

Bistrot Marloe

Photo © Julie Limont

Another neo-bistro that elevates the typical classic bistro cuisine to a whole other level. With a Michelin-starred chef, this bistro offers the best dishes at an affordable cost. The menu features dishes we all know, like roast chicken or even burger, but in a more haute cuisine version. You’ll feel like you’re eating an expensive French restaurant rather than a simple bistro, and you’ll surely come back for more.


Photo © Aimery Chemin and Virginie Garnier

In this bistro, you’ll find yourself falling for its interior design and for the unique and beautiful way the food is served. Although bistros are usually focused on meat, Pirouette doesn’t feel the need to, offering other amazing dishes such as roasted onion carbonara or truffle gnocchi. Try new things and fall deeper into the addicting and tasteful French cuisine in this small but charming bistro.


Le Richer

Photo © Joan Bracco

When you visit Le Richer, you’ll find that you get a different menu every time. Always changing and always innovating, it brings the best of classic French bistro cuisine with a modern neo-bistro inventiveness. And to please all palates, you’ll even find a foreign touch to the menu. Still, you’ll be easily pleased and satisfied with the dishes you’ll taste in this street corner bistro.

That concludes our list of bistros you must visit when you attend Maison&Objet from September 7th to 11th, as well as Paris Design Week. This city has a lot to offer, not only when it comes to design, but its culture too. Make the most of it! And don’t forget to visit Essential Home’s stand on Maison to experience the best of mid-century modern design. We’ll see you there!

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