9 Palm Springs Restaurants That Will Make You Want to Move There

Palm Springs… the land of breathtaking sunsets, colorful doors and mid-century architecture.

If you’ve been to Palm Springs before, you know how it all seems like a perfect dream, where the weather is great, there is always a gorgeous detail that will stir your attention, and a sunset behind the mountains that will make you fall in love with it. So, if you were thinking about moving there, these 9 Palm Springs restaurants will surely help you make a decision!

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Sandfish by Engin Onural

Sandfish by Engin Onural is Palm Springs’ latest and most exclusive sushi bar! Located in Palm Desert, this amazing restaurant has a delicious menu of simple nigiri and sashimi, classic maki rolls and a selection of internationally-influenced kitchen dishes. The restaurant design was thought by designer Chris Pardo, who mixed Scandinavian with Japanese influences.


Copley’s on Palm Canyon

This is one of the most stunning locations for a family dinner, or event. The food is great, the wine selection is to die for, and they have an exceptional service all year round. Copley’s on Palm Canyon has been open for thirteen years, and we believe many more are to come.

Evzin Palm Springs

If you love Mediterranean food, Evzin Palm Springs is the place to go. There, you will find your favorite delicacies such as hummus, chicken shawarma, and your usual falafel plates. However… you can also enjoy some fresh grilled salmon and other healthy Mediterranean options.

The Pantry

What used to be a 1950s 28-room property, is now a trendy and hot spot in Palm Springs! The Pantry was completely renovated last year and is now one of the hottest places in the area. Remember to make reservations for their Sunday brunch, which is simply to die for!


Workshop Kitchen + Bar

If you still want more places to eat in Palm Springs, pay attention as we tell you all about Workshop Kitchen + Bar! This hip spot, which as already won a James Beard award, came to life after  LA chef Michael Beckman partnered with restaurateur Joseph Mourani. Nowadays, you can go to 800 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, and enjoy delicious locally-sourced small plates!

533 Viet Fusion

If you have heard about Pho 533 in Palm Springs, take note that it is now 533 Viet Fusion! Its owner, Chad Gardner, has not only changed the name of his restaurant, but he has also made some changes to the menu, offering now entrees like chile-braised osso bucco and a play on ramen with red curry and Tiger shrimp. However, 533 Viet Fusion is still the best place in town to go for a nice bowl of pho!

4 Saints

4 Saints is located in Palm Springs newly updated downtown. On the rooftop of Rowan’s you will find a “clubby dining room” and an “energetic bar” that is covered by dark undertones and a relaxing light. The head chef is Chicago’s Four Seasons former chef Stephen Wambach, who created a menu filled with delicious treats.

Photo © Laurie Joliet


Rooster And The Pig

Rooster and the Pig is probably Palm Springs’ most famous small restaurant. If you walk around Palm Springs in the evening, you will see a considerable crowd lining up to get in! The Vietnamese-American menu offers a wide array of delicacies all thought and executed by chef and owner Tai Spendley.

Birba Palm Springs

Talking about bustling restaurants, you have to get to know Birba Palm Springs! This sleek restaurant has an amazing outdoor area that lets its customers enjoy Palm Spring’s enviable weather. Go for a delicious pizza and a margherita, and you won’t be disappointed.

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