A Bavarian Restaurant Located on the Nebelhorn Summit w/ Grand Views

Located on the summit of Mount Nebelhorn, this restaurant wins us over with its breathtaking views.

Nebelhorn Summit Restaurant is located 2,200 meter above sea level in Southern Germany, and if you’re looking for the most amazing restaurants on the planet, this one has to be on your list. A Bavarian restaurant like no other, Nebelhorn Summit Restaurant offers more than just great cuisine, letting you enjoy your meals with unique panoramic views over Bavaria. Let’s find out more about it!

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A work of a lifetime, Nebelhorn Summit Restaurant was commissioned to architectural practice Hermann Kaufmann ZT based in Austria. The result is not for everyone to see, and it is a stunning restaurant with a minimalist interior and views that you could only dream of.

The architects achieved this elegant looking building by harmoniously integrating their building with the pre-existing natural surroundings, thus creating a restaurant that more than delicious food, offers the possibility of being surrounded by the Bavarian Alps at dinnertime.

Replacing an old 1950s chalet that blocked the view from the mountain and the access to the cable car cabins, Nebelhorn Summit Restaurant came with a different and much more modern approach. The price to pay? The materials had to be flown over by helicopter, limiting a few of the architectural decisions the team at Hermann Kaufmann ZT had to make.

Inside, an ode to scandinavian interior design can be seen, with a restaurant decor that is simple and does not overpower the grand views the visitors can enjoy from the outside.

To achieve this minimalist interior, wooden strips of multiple widths were used on the ceiling. As for the dining chairs and tables, the same natural materials and textures were used, as a way of harmonizing the decor and reach the same natural look we can enjoy on the outside pavilions.

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Perry, a danish modern-inspired dining chair brings a simple yet sophisticated touch to any minimalist interior.

The lower level restaurant, which can be reached by stairs of elevator, features the same natural wooden ceiling structure, as well as the modern dining chairs with a danish inspiration we have seen above. Deciding to go with this inspiration for the interior allowed for simple and geometric lines to be inserted into the restaurant decor, emphasizing the need to harmonize its architecture with the natural surroundings.

A 20-minute cable car ride will take you right to the doorstep of Nebelhorn Summit Restaurant. You are greeted by a pavilion that serves as the restaurant’s entrance, with a small bar and bistro. However, both the bar and the restaurant – located on a lower level – offer uninterrupted views of the Bavarian alps, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap the space around.

As for the exterior facilities of this very unique Bavarian restaurant, a 100 meter long grated steel walkway allows for the visitors to get to the north face of the Nebelhorn mountain for the first time and take in its alluring view with more than 400 different summits on their sight!

Photos © Juergen Pollak for Yatzer

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