A Café in Sydney that Mixes Minimalist Design and Fresh Flowers

We may have found the perfect café for you to enjoy a great coffee and relax with a few friends over the weekend…

If you are currently living in Sydney, this might be your lucky day. The Percy Plunkett Café has opened recently, and it is the perfect place to go if you love classic architecture and minimalist design put together. Scroll down to learn all about this stunning café that brings together minimalism and the amazing smell of freshly picked flowers.

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Located in Penrith, on the outskirts of Sydney, Percy Plunkett Café was designed by Matt Woods, designer responsible for other amazing places around town like Bloodwood, Rabit Hole Organic Tea Bar, and Allegra Dining.

This small but very nice café got its name from the venue’s owner Percy Plunkett. The café used to be the owner’s home, a small and quaint heritage cottage.

The place has suffered a few renovations over the years, having been a Thai restaurant before Matt Woods and his team took over and renovated the whole place. The designer decided to honor the beauty of the Gothic Revival era architecture, but transform the brick home’s dark and uninviting rooms.

The result was a contemporary cafe in Sydney with a minimalist interior design and fresh flowers everywhere, creating an inviting atmosphere.

In order to create this mix of new and vintage, the design team chose to keep original elements and match them with more modern details throughout the different rooms.

The central corridor that separates the dining room that make the café’s sitting areas has been completed with a clear roof, hanging pink flowers, a marbled kitchen pass, and tiles in soft olive green.

If you take a walk around the dining rooms you will also find Australian made and designed surfaces, as well as furniture and lighting, which not only support local designers but provide a more contemporary look to this vintage cottage.

Photos © Dave Wheeler

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