A California-Inspired Bar Design in the Heart of New Jersey

Your expectations when you walk into a day bar regarding interior decor are not usually that high, right?

Well, think again. There is a juice bar in New Jersey that boasts one of the most inspiring bar designs you will ever see. Inspired by Venice beach and its easy vibe, this New Jersey bar is everything you need on a Saturday afternoon. Let’s step inside Juice Culture and take a look at its gorgeous bar design.

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Located in Montclair, New Jersey, Juice Culture was brought to life by a California-born designer  Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs. She that wanted to bring a little bit of her West Coast culture to the East Coast city.

When you first step into the bar, you can’t stay indifferent to the stunning wallpaper and smooth color pops a little bit all over the bar. With a very minimalist approach and a clear Scandinavian interior design inspiration, Myers was able to turn what used to be an untidy and dark fashion boutique into a clean, bright and cheerful juice bar.

The concept was to take shop visitors on a quick beachy vacation and I was inspired by juice stands in Venice Beach, Hawaii, and Tulum.” said designer Natalie Myers.

As we have mentioned before, the wallpaper Myers chose for the bar is one of the biggest show stoppers on the entire design. But how did it come to that? The designer noticed this big blank wall opposite the counter, where colors, patterns and a lot of visual estimulation was already happening. From there, Myers wanted something that would juxtapose all that was happening, without taking up a lot of space.

“Installing the grey scale wallpaper allows you to focus on the beautifully illustrated images of fiddle leaf ficus floating in a cloudscape, without being distracted by more colors and patterns,” the designer explained to Domino Magazine.

Photos © CLAIRE ESPARROS for Domino

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You can find the original Domingo article here.

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