A Colorful Flat in Moscow with Contrasting Modern Counter Stools

A place where colors meet and contrast beautifully with the clear counter stools.

Moscow is an ever-exciting capital, where people keep moving, new buildings and architecture innovation keeps happening, and interior design is taken to the next level. This colorful flat was conceptualized by Dmitry Chebanenko to fit that idea of the Russian capital. What we love the most about it? How the clear and modern counter stools and the cheery patterns blend so well together.

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In what might seem like a typical contemporary apartment, the open plan living room boasts quite a few dashes of color such as bright red, light green and, as you will see in the photos below, a rainbow of many other colors in one of the sofas.


This colorful decor would not be complete, however, without three stunning clear and modern counter stools that create a balance between the sober kitchen decor and the cheerful living room area.

A mustard yellow lounge chair sits at the far back of the living room, under a sleek black floor lamp. There is no way you can miss the transparent counter stools that divide the modern kitchen decor and the living room.

A floral sofa contrasts with the gray, almost concrete wall on the back. It creates a sense of comfort around this flat in Moscow that we wouldn’t mind would become a reality…


In the bedroom, the floral theme is kept, which conveys a feeling of balance and harmony throughout the house.

Check out how these modern counter stools would look like under the light!

Renderings © Dmitry Chebanenko Architectural Images

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