A Luxurious Train & Four Modern Bar Stools W/ a Story to Tell

You can now travel across Peru with all the luxury you would hope for in a 5-star hotel!

The Belmond Andean Explorer in Peru is the latest and first luxury train in all South America, that allows its passengers to travel with all the comfort of a 5-star hotel. Designed by Inge Moore and Nathan Hitchins of the London-based design firm, MUZA Lab, today you get to step inside it and see their amazing interiors, with two bars and four modern bar stools that make it all worth it!

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Belmond Andean Explorer’s first trip was in early May this year and it immediately wowed the new passengers. Sophistication and luxury are the two main ingredients that make this train a unique one. The bar design of both the bar areas on the train are clean and high-end. Rich colors such as blue and pink can be seen, creating a luxurious bar decor.

Cozy up in the “Maca” Piano Bar for a drink and a slow tune played on the glossy black instrument

Get the Look

Collins is a mid-century inspired bar chair by Essential Home that would bring the luxury you are looking for your home.

You can enjoy one of the best meals of your life in the elegant Dining Cars, the train’s fine restaurant. We haven’t tried the food, but the restaurant design sure is something we have loved from the start.

If you were here looking for some interior design ideas, then take note that the whole train’s decor is predominantly soft and airy. You will find mostly neutral tones, timber paneling on the walls, as well as linen roman blinds that create an even more stunning view over the Andes.

There is a special car where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Andes, and feel the air of the mountains: “Ichu” Observation Car. According to Yatzer, it allows for the passengers to enjoy the “360˚ views as the train climbs nearly 4,900 meters up into the clouds!

Photos © Muza Lab

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