A Minimalist Bratislava Home with Distinctive Black Counter Stools

If you’re here, you want to see stunning black counter stools, but you’re in for much more than that!

Commissioned to local design studio Compass Architekti by an elderly couple from Bratislava, this minimalist house was designed to be children-suitable. However, that’s not the only great thing about this house. It also comes with an amazing open plan living kitchen and living area where three distinctive black counter stools caught our eye. Let’s take a little tour.

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The only three basic requirements for this amazing house were simple: it had to be a small house, with no stairs and a lot of open space for the owner’s to have their nine grandchildren over.

To answer to these requirements, the architects at Compass Architekti came up with a one-story L-shaped building that was modern and featured a lot of open space, a much needed feature when you have to supervise nine children! There is also a nice courtyard and a pool, because everyone loves a nice outdoor area.

The house’s private and communal areas are separated between the two wings. The communal spaces are designed as an open plan living area where you will find a wide kitchen, a small dining room as well as a living area where the family can gather for movie night.

It is precisely in the minimalist and modern kitchen that we can find three gorgeous contemporary black counter stools. They play nicely against the wooden counter and the white cabinets behind it.

The three stools stand out on their own, as they create a nice color block. The smooth texture is also a nice break from the seemingly rough wooden counter behind it. The white curtains close the look creating an airy and relaxed feeling throughout the kitchen.

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