A Nordic-Inspired Copenhagen Restaurant Boasts Mid-Century Furniture!

Snøhetta developed a color and material palette for a restaurant in Copenhagen and it is stunning!

Inspired by Copenhagen’s foods and beer, architecture firm Snøhetta has developed a color and material palette for this unique restaurant in the Danish capital. The result was a Scandinavian inspired place with lots of mid-century furniture pieces, where the feel sends us back to its Nordic roots.

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Where was once the world-famous restaurant Noma, which was also founded by Redzepi and is moving to a new location, now sits the mid-century inspired restaurant you are about to see.

Barr is set to serve traditional Nordic cuisine and foods found in the North Sea area, including Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux and the British Isles, as well as a large selection of craft beers! This is all topped with an interior styling that very well matches the food choices.


Perry dining chair, inspired by the most famous occasional designs, features a body structure produced in solid walnut wood, which makes it a durable and solid chair.

The concept of ‘gestalt’, meaning an organized whole that transcends the smaller constituent parts from which it is built, informed the overall concept of the design,” said the team. “We looked to microscopic studies of foods and beer from the region, which influenced everything from the color palette to the furniture.


Doris bar chair looks like an upholstered accent chair on a tall frame. It features a rectangular shape, both on the back and a four tapered leg frame, accented by polished brass ferrules on the bottom.

A detailed study of barley – one of the three main ingredients used to make beer – made possible to get right the shape of the wooden panels, which line the walls and slot between existing ceiling beams.

Furnishings include oak wood chairs with brown leather seats and back supports and matching tables like seen above. However, it is possible for diners to choose from multiple seating options, from high and low tables to bar stools, as well as benches slotted into the arched windows!

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