A Pale Pink Restaurant Interior Design in Sunny Tel Aviv

Through the course of this article, you will realize why this cafe in Israel is the true embodiment of mid-century restaurant interior design! Visit it now!

When it comes to restaurant interior designapplying a true mid-century design is not an easy task but, this little cafe in Tel Aviv is so well designed that it will make you think otherwise!

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Photo © Yaniv Edry | Dezeen

Meir Guri, the Israeli designer was faced with a challenge: design a pure mid-century cafe/restaurant with a twist, in a shopping mall in Tel Aviv. Our thoughts? 10/10. Here’s why:

At Cafeteria, pink is the predominant color.

In the Gindi Fashion Mall, the task was difficult and simple at the same time: create a cafe that stand out from everything else and that you can easily spot it. And Meir nailed it.

Photo © Yaniv Edry | Dezeen
Photo © Yaniv Edry | Dezeen

With an open plan dinning room, you can actually spot Cafeteria from across the street.

Once you get there, you will immediately get the mid-century vibes you expect.

A beautiful color contrast between the walls and the furniture is the thing that will get you hooked. The pink wall-covered walls contrast with the multi colored marble floor.

Another thing is the bars, booths and dining tables that will throw your mind back in time.

Photo © Yaniv Edry | Dezeen
Photo © Yaniv Edry | Dezeen

Funny story about that floor.

Meir was faced with a very challenging proposal: make a cafe that would stand out in the mall, that would have a unique style to it, with a limited budget.

He knew, from the start, that the floor would have to be in marble. But the budget wouldn’t allow an order of marble from any company so, what he did was, he went to several marble suppliers and basically bought the “left overs” for a discounted price and asked them to cut the marble in triangle shapes. That is why the restaurant has triangle shaped flooring with multiple colors.

Pretty cool, right?

Photo © Yaniv Edry | Dezeen

As you have noticed, this cafe/restaurant relies on the color pink, and that is not an accident.

Millennial Pink is  described by design critics as the most popular color for restaurants in the past few years now.

But, when asked, the color pink doesn’t worry Meir one bit. He says that the color is an elegant and adult one that clearly transmits a solid message of power.

Photo © Yaniv Edry | Dezeen

So, in conclusion, Cafeteria is one of the most mid-century restaurants we have ever seen.

You can spot it by the usage of a lot of plants and pendent lighting, by the room having a lot of natural light, the usage of marble and brass and even the geometric shapes on the floor!

Kind of makes you want to visit it, right?

Photo © Yaniv Edry | Dezeen

Photo © Yaniv Edry | Dezeen

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