A Quick Guide To Home Bar Accessories That You Need To Read

When your home is missing something to spice it up, just add your very own home bar! We’ll show you how easy it is!

Feeling like you want to try and make your own drinks safely at home with your family and friends instead of going to a crowded bar? Then you must know that there is a choice! You only need some home bar accessories to start building your own. It’s easy!

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Want a guide to start building your home bar? This is it! We’ll show you some of the bar accessories and decor you can’t miss when setting up your home bar. From lighting to art and bar chairs, we have all you need in one place!

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How about we start from the basics? You definitely can’t have a home bar without some glasses. Do try to get some variety such as wine, whisky and even shots glasses. You never know when they’ll come in handy!

For a party, for a hangout with friends, or even just for holidays when you feel like showing off your cocktail mixing skills to your family, don’t hold back on the tools you need to complete your home bar. And don’t forget the cocktail shakers, some coasters for your glasses, and definitely a bottle opener.

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Now on to where to store your drinks and bar tools. We give you two options and we’ll talk about this one first: a home bar cart. A great choice if you lack space in your home to build an entire home bar with counter and storage, the bar cart takes way less space and can be combined with different decor ideas such as flowers and some art against the wall to complement it. You can pick a color that suits your home the best, maybe even some golden tones to add some sophistication and elegance.

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As we said, you can easily complement your bar cart with some art on the wall, some neutral tones if you do choose to go for a bolder color on your cart, and most certainly let’s not forget the lighting. To make it even more interesting, how about some graphic letter lamps? You can spell whatever you want with it, mix up the colors and design, or just buy a set to build a word such as bar or something that will uplift you. We strongly suggest you check out DelightFULL‘s lighting choices.

And why not add a small space next to your home bar cart for you to relax alone, or with someone else, while having a drink? You can’t go wrong with these Monroe chairs by Essential Home. Comfortable, glamorous and fully upholstered in velvet to bring a more seductive look to the space, they are a perfect addition to a home bar space. And don’t forget to check out the other pieces in this picture above, such as the Konstantin Side Table and the Tarantino Rug, great ways to complement these chairs.

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Now, on to your next option: building your own home bar with counter and storage, or perhaps take part of your kitchen space for this specific ending. It’s a great way to turn a simple home bar into something greater, a place for relaxation and fun. You can even learn by yourself to mix drinks and create new cocktails to show to your friends. Here, you have it all stored perfectly, and enough space for cutting ingredients and even placing a plant or two on the counter for a more fresh look.

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We had to talk about this: wallpaper. Whether you choose a flowery one or a more contemporary patterned one, or even just a monochromatic wall decor, you can’t go wrong with this. You can add it behind your home bar space or even where you placed your bar stool (if you went with this option). It will bring a more refreshing and uplifting feeling into this space.

Now, how could we ever forget the bar stools? You have to have a sitting area in your home bar and these Kelly bar chairs are the perfect choice if you’re looking to complement a more glamorous and luxurious home bar space. How can you ever go wrong with some golden tones and Casablanca inspired furniture? Never.

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And there you go! Now you can start creating your own cocktails, surprising your family and friends, and even throwing a party or two. You’ll be ready for it with this small guide we offered you to create your own home bar. Have fun!

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