Vogue Has Come To Porto In A Irresistible And Sophisticated Restaurant

A restaurant where food and fashion meet: Vogue Café is your next favorite stop in the beautiful city of Porto.

When you open the pages of Vogue, the excitement and inspiration spills over every page. Imagine that being transferred to a restaurant, the design and ambiance making it look like you just entered the pages of Vogue Magazine. In the beautiful city of Porto, you’ll find this sophisticated restaurant that brings the best of both worlds, fashion and food, together in a single space.

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Welcome to Vogue Café! A modern, stylish and elegant restaurant with food and drinks that are simply and beautifully crafted and presented with the finesse that you’d expect from such a place. Located inside the very first 5-star hotel in the city (Hotel Infante Sagres), this is the perfect place to go if you love interior design, fashion and amazing food.

A place for fashionable to meet and connect, this restaurant is not only an excellence when it comes to their stunning modern European inspired cuisine, something you’d expect for a restaurant located in Portugal, but also art in interior design form. Looking straight out pages from the Vogue Magazine, it’s the perfect place to go for a luxurious and timelessly elegant meal and good time.

Every detail is taken into consideration and the latest fashion and design trends are present on this stunning restaurant/café that also serves as a bar. From the ceiling to the chairs, you’ll find yourself completely and utterly wowed by Vogue Café. A true icon in the city of Porto, Vogue brings even more design and fashion to a city that was already known for their art, architecture and design.

The food doesn’t disappoint, no matter if you’re going for a dessert or a main course, a breakfast or a light brunch. The finesse and elegance is always present with every dish, as this is, after all, a restaurant incorporated into a 5 star hotel. You’ll find the luxury and expertise in the meals delivered with such passion to your table as well, that is something we can guarantee.

Posted by Vogue Café Porto on Saturday, 25 August 2018

Já sabe onde vai almoçar hoje?O Vogue Café tem agora um Menu Executivo, disponível de Segunda a Sexta*, das 12h00 às…

Posted by Vogue Café Porto on Monday, 23 July 2018

If you want to go for a meal in the stunning city of Porto, drop by Vogue Café for amazing gourmet dishes that elevate European cuisine.

A restaurant that is unmissable if you’re ever on the city of Porto. Drop by Vogue Café and discover the latest trends in design with this fashionable space that will bring you more than amazing food, but also inspiration and an experience that won’t leave your mind.

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