A White Marble Bar and Exposed Pipes are the Stars in a Retro Café

There much more to a retro café than just bar stools, and this marble bar proves just that.

There is, in Amsterdam, a unique retro café in Centraal Statio that you really shouldn’t miss if you happen to be traveling there in the future. Called Wyers Restaurant, the space features an accompanying coffee and beignets shop – Miss Louisa. However, the real magic happens inside the restaurant, where a white marble bar steals all the attention. 

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Let’s step inside!

Before this was a retro cafe, a Dutch fabric firm, Firma Wyers, used to occupy this location. As a way to honor and embrace this heritage, the design team that was commissioned to bring a new life to this building chose to embrace this heritage by using it as a springboard for their inspiration.

Therefore, textile weaving elements and details abound, from the dark wooden floors that are laid to resemble a woven, herringbone pattern, to the banquette seats which resemble stacked rolls of fabric.

The color tones used throughout are warm and enveloping, with lots of natural touches such as the polished, dark wood and white marble bar, as well as the leather bar stools.

One of our favorite elements is the glass-walled working kitchen that is visible just behind the bar allowing patrons to watch their American-inspired dishes with a European flair, being prepared by the American chef, Sam Demarco.

Another unifying element between the two locations is the gray painted ceiling with its exposed pipes and tubes; another reminder of this spot’s working heritage.


Perry dining chair is ideal for this retro restaurant, evoking a sober look that contrasts with metal shoes on its legs, made of polished brass.

This décor element adds yet another familial note encouraging patrons to make themselves at home in a comfortable and elegant setting.

Photos © Maarten Willemstein.

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