An Asian-Inspired Bar in St. Petersburg Where Color Meets Fun

Today we’re getting to know yet another amazing bar design, this time located in one of Russia’s most cultural cities.

An updated version of Black China bar in Baskov Lane in the heart of St. Petersburg, Made in China has managed to take the concept of its new location to a whole new level. Let’s step inside this asian-inspired bar in St. Petersburg and fall in love with an interior design where colors meets fun and, of course, functionality.

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Designed by DA Architects, and interior design and architecture firm based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Made in China is one of the brightest places in the city where you can grab a coffee, or just generally hang out with friends.

Nowadays, Made in China is a joint project of two restaurant teams, Anna Dolgushina and Madina Kazhimova (Wong Kar Wine, Black China bar), and Ilya Bazarsky and Pavel Steinluht (Bekitzer, Terminal bar, Social club, Schengen). Not only is it the city’s first asian bar, it is also the place where you can find the best of contemporary asian food.

Made in China was carefully curated and designed to incorporate elements from both the chinese and ocidental cultures. You can see lots of red everywhere, that are balanced with other dark tones such as blue and green. A sophisticated marble countertop can also be seen in the photo above.

Wooden counter stools can be seen all around the bar, at the center of Made in China, with several colors, and seats upholstered in velvet. As mentioned above, the presence of red can be seen throughout the bar, evoking a very personal feeling we all associate with the chinese culture.

The red booths add a sense of depth to the bar’s name, Made in China.

If you are looking for great St. Petersburg restaurants, or trendy St. Petersburg bars while you’re visiting the city, make sure to visit Made in China cafe, and learn all about the design that makes this bar so great!

Photos © DA Architects



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