A Beijing Restaurant That Meets the CBD District Corporate Environment

Taking its name from a street of culinary delights in Macau, Rua da Cunha Macau Hotpot is now a high-end «must see» restaurant that fits the city’s corporate environment.

Completed in January 2018, Rua da Cunha Macau Hotpot is a upgrade of a ten-year old Beijing restaurant that serves a blend of southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisines inspired by the owner’s hometown, Macau.

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When this Beijing restaurant first started, the taste was delicious and it wasn’t expensive. A few years later, as it merged with the store beside it, Frankie, the owner of Rua da Cunha, found and commissioned a group of architects from Golucci Interior Architects, that used to be regular customers, to help him design a new branch store, which was located in Beijing CBD.

Photo © Luluxi

These regular customers approached the project with the invaluable, first-hand knowledge of its cultural and culinary identity which needed to be transferred, this time, to the high-end, corporate environment of the CBD district.

Now, this Beijing restaurant blends a modernist sensibility with traditional decorative motifs interior design, to create a sophisticated environment where you can enjoy a fine-dining menu of fresh seafood, Australian beef and organically sourced vegetables along with an amazing skyview of the city’s skyscrapers, due to the building’s glass curtain façade.

Photo © Luluxi

In conjunction with the orientation of the tables, all can enjoy the expansive view of the city, which includes the iconic CCTV building and Rem Koolhaas’ looped glass towers (we got you architecture lovers!) seen at this amazing Beijing restaurant.

Photo © Luluxi
Photo © Luluxi

Additional dining booths at the back of this Beijing restaurant may be cut off from the unique skyview, but are compensated by an aquarium-like sculptural composition, populated by crabs, lobsters and other crustaceans, that are featured on the menu, and a stepped fountain structure.

Photo © Luluxi

Around the corner, an open-plan kitchen featuring butcher blocks fashioned out of tree trunks allows glimpses of the cooks preparing the meat, which gives a feeling of trust to this Beijing restaurant, since its customers can see its food geeting ready to be devoured, and the quality of Rua da Cunha Macau Hotpot dishes.

Photo © Luluxi

Further on, private dining rooms are enclosed in translucent partitions, perfect for a more quiet lunch with business partners, for instant.

Their lit interior design function as light boxes that enhance the restaurant’s ambience.

Photo © Luluxi

The interior design of this Beijing restaurant was conceved to fit the corporate environment lived in the city, but is also inspired in traditional Chinese woodwork and has an European classic vibe.

These styles harmoniously tie together through a modernist aesthetic of clean lines and geometric integrity.

Editor’s Choice

To make the space even better, we trust the Perry Dining Chair would fit this Beijing restaurant like a glove!

With its solid walnut wood and the seat and back upholstered in leather, it would look just perfect in this corporate style environment.


Photo © Luluxi
Photo © Luluxi

Nebulous light fittings comprised of clusters of glass spheres in linear or disc formations hover above the tables completing this Beijing restaurant elegant interior design, which, similarly to a kite in the sky, as the architects later explained, is flying high above contemporary Beijing while also being grounded miles away in the traditions of Macau.

Photo © Luluxi

The earthy hues of the aggregate concrete and timber surfaces are complemented by the lush green leather banquettes and dark brown tables as well as the smoky marble stands of the fresh seafood displays and the polished green tiles that function as a backdrop to the open kitchen.


This amazing Beijing restaurant is the perfect place for a calm and relaxed lunch or dinner, as you wish, and definetly a must stop to all interior design lovers and appreciators, who would like to enjoy the skyview provided by Rua da Cunha Macau Hotpot and its delicacies.

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