Brhands Foundation: Supporting Artisans And Designers In A New Project

Artists. Master artisans. Designers. CULTURE.

Known for gathering design & luxury brands like Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, Essential Home, and others, Covet Group‘s project Brhands Foundation aims to join artisans and the best interior designers side by side.

Come meet CULTURE, the new project that will elevate craftsmanship through design for the whole world in the design industry!

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Starting the house from the bottom, Covet Group is a revolutionary and creative company, with a powerful vision of the future, fighting everyday to conquer the world through design. And that is exactly what they do!

As their mission, they intend to elevate design & craftsmanship, and in order to do so, they have created the Brhands Foundation: a tribute to master artisans that create soulful pieces with their bare hands!

And with the ambition to preserve as many national arts and trades as possible, CULTURE was born.

To promote and project the future of Portuguese applied arts and trades, so that these don’t come to an end and meet new chapters, Brhands Foundation most recent project has gathered government entities, universities, polytechnics, professional centres, artists, master artisans and designers with the goal of joining forces and give visibility to the Portuguese arts in the international design industry.

Brhands Foundation CULTURE’s project main mission is clear, they want to put the artists, master artisans and best interior designers all in one place, to create a synergy where there’s an exchange of knowledge and know-how translating that into work.

As Covet Group is a always growing business, the expertise of the master artisans got a bit unused in the creation of new pieces, as there where many things to do in not to much time, and they came to the conclusion that these craftsmen’s values were a bit lost and they needed to bring them back to the right path, putting more attention into them, listening to their ideas, what they think is best and how to create an even better product.

With all this in mind, it was clear for Brhands Foundation what was the next step. Join the creative minds of the best interior designers and master artisans all in one place, Covet Town, as a meeting point for thinkers and makers to share knowledge and promote the future of Portuguese applied arts, to archive Covet Group’s main mission: elevate luxury design & craftsmanship.

All Photos © Covet Group Instagram

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