Choose a Modern Bar Stool and We Will Give You a Cocktail to Drink

If you are looking for a modern bar stool, that means you might also be looking for a cocktail to drink…

Today we are sharing with you which is the best cocktail for you to enjoy according to your favorite mid-century modern bar stool. The rules are fairly easy. You just need to keep scrolling down and find our favorite bar stool, and right beside it, you will find the cocktail we believe is the one you should enjoy while relaxing in the bar chair that was made for you…

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Kelly Bar Chair

If you love Kelly bar chair in a copper finish, then this is your cocktail. A fancy and cosmopolitan pink cocktail that could only be properly enjoyed in an art deco bar stool such as Kelly by Essential Home.


Mansfield Bar Chair

Blue is one of the most mid-century colors. So if this statement kitchen counter stool by Essential Home is your favorite, get ready to enjoy this powerful blue cocktail. You will most likely find it in the best and most luxurious bars across Europe because that is just you!

Gable Bar Chair

If you prefer to go with the classics, this white Martini cocktail is perfect for you. Essential Home’s Gable bar chair is most likely your favorite of the whole bunch, meaning you love the glamorous Holywood features and could spend hours designing the perfect Casablanca reenactament.

Collins Bar Chair

This is for the trendy ones! Charcoal everything was a huge trend during 2017, so it makes sense that they would go and make a charcoal cocktail! Collins bar chair is a mid-century bar chair with a contemporary twist that makes it one of Essential Home’s most iconic and trendy pieces.


Russel Bar Chair

Russel bar chair and a good Pisco Sour. Could there be a better mix? The answer is simple… no. Pisco Sour is one of the most classic cocktails in the world, and it could only be paired with one of Essential Home’s most classic mid-century bar chair designs. Perfect for your classy self!

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