Choose an Oscar Nominated Movie, and We’ll Give You a Modern Bar Stool

We’re not obsessed with the Oscars! You are!

If you’re so phyched about the Oscars as we are right now, you might find yourself trying to learn everything about the Best Picture nominees. We have been thinking about our favorites movies for the year, and we decided to pair them up with our favorite bar stools, because why not? Scroll down and choose your favorite Oscar nominated movie, and we’ll give you a modern bar stool to go with it!

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The Shape of Water

If The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro is your favorite movie for this year’s Academy Awards, then Mansfield by Essential Home was made for you! With a strong blue velvet upholstered seat, the color of the ocean will elevate your home bar decor!

Call Me by Your Name

If you saw Call Me by Your Name, you know the Perlman’s home exudes a classic rich glow. Doris bar chair has that exact same look. The subtle color of the velvet upholstered seat would be perfect if you want your home to look just like the Perlman’s!

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

One of the public’s favorites on the run to win Best Picture, this amazing movie starred by Frances McDormand is filled with personality and a strong lead character that could only be matched with a rustic vintage bar chair!

The Post

If, on the other hand, your favorite is Spielberg’s latest movie, The Post, then you are surely a mid-century modern fan! Collins mid-century bar chair by Essential Home captures that exact same feeling, so this was an easy choice.

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour retells the story of one of our favorite politicians of all time, Winston Churchill. And if you loved Darkest Hour as much as we did, as well as his amazing London home, then Loren bar chair by Essential Home was made for you.


Dunkirk is one of the most intense movies Nolan has ever directed. It honors the survivors of Dunkirk, France, during the II World War, so if this is your favorite movie, the perfect bar chair for you is Essential Home’s Dandridge bar chair. It has the roughness we associate with the movie, but the brass legs give it the elegance with which Nolan des everything.

Get Out

Get Out is the suspense movie we have all been waiting for, all these years. Contemporary, it tackles very important aspects of the modern society, contrasting it with the ideas we associate with the 19th century. Gable is a modern bar chair that does that exact same thing. It combines the best of modern design with the sumptuous lines of classic design.

Lady Bird

Colorful, bold, and honest. This is the best way to describe Lady Bird, the movie we all loved at first sight. If this is your favorite of all the Best Picture nominees, then the modern bar stool you need in your life is colorful and cheery!

Phantom Thread

Modern, with an art deco twist. This is the best way to describe both Oscar nominated Phantom Thread, and Kelly modern bar stool by Essential Home. This art-deco inspired bar stool will give you the luxurious touch you need in your home after having seen Daniel Day-Lewis’ Phantom Thread.

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