Devoción: A Brooklyn Coffee Shop w/ the Freshest Coffee and Interiors

If you are a coffee lover and just happen to be in Brooklyn, you might want to consider visiting what is bound to be one of the best coffee shops in the area, Devoción.

A stylish, fresh and unexpected coffee shop opened in Brooklyn not long ago. Devoción opened with the mission to be the Brooklyn coffee shop with the freshest Colombian coffee, but that was not all. Devoción is also one of the most stunning coffee shops in New York, with gorgeous interiors.

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Located in Brooklyn, New York, Devoción claim to be one of the only farm-to-table coffee roasters in the world! The team at Devoción sees their coffee beans flown overnight from Colombia to New York to ensure the freshest coffee possible. The whole process takes about ten days from harvest until the team is able to serve you a delicious creamy latte.

But more than that, LOT Office for Architecture, the team responsible for creating this stunning space, took inspiration from Bogota, the birthplace of their coffee beans to create an interior that immerses their clients in the perfect experience.

Located in a new luxury high-rise building in Brooklyn, Devoción is a 158 square meter space filled with natural sunlight that shines in through the 5 meter high windows!

Inside, it’s impossible to stay indifferent to the vertical garden created by PlantWallDesign. The concrete walls and island are also a nice touch to the decor, and they pair amazingly with the leather recliners.


Hudson mid-century modern armchair by Essential Home

To add even more to the authentic Colombian experience, all the cabinetry used in the coffee shop was commissioned to Colombian craftsmen, which built them using local wood.

The large white bricks, perforated concrete blocks, and handmade marigold tiles layered in a simple black and white pattern that create this stunning bar decor are all intended to be an abstract representation of Colombian farmhouse architecture, once again honoring the roots of the birthplace of Devoción’s coffee beans.

Photos © Brooke Holm | LOT Office

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