Could Your Dining Room Decor Need A Dash Of Color?

Improve your dining room design with a little fun.

Tradition says dining rooms are for dinner celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, and others, or even a dinner party with your friends and family, rare occasions, per say. As it’s not so commonly used, many times it’s under looked and doesn’t have many things going on. We say no more! Add a little fun to those dinner parties with a splash of color in your dining room decor, for a wow element as soon as your guests walk in.

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A white wall never made anyone happy. A plain white wall is good to bring peace and calmness, but that’s not what we’re looking for for this space as it is a room for special celebrations, where good disposition and happy vibes are necessary for a great time.

Even if your mood isn’t the best, a colorful wallpaper adds a special touch to your living room design and elevates the environment to a better, more inviting atmosphere.

This way, a wallpaper is a great way to add a splash of color into your dining room and helping to create a vibe.


Want to keep your peaceful white wall and still add color to your dining room? Then this tip is the right for you. It’s incredible the difference a colorful painting and rug can do to your dining room design, as different elements with different vibrations and feelings attached bring up the curious mind and gives something to look at once your guests enter the space.

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Kubrick is an accent rug inspired by the space age and futuristic movies, creating a great visual appeal.



Spielberg is an ombre rug, with a blue gradient effect to revive your dining room with a versatile and visual appeal.




Moving on from the wall color, or lack of it, adding a furniture piece with a bold color to stand out from the rest of the space also creates a great ambiance and is a great way to also bring up the curious mind, as we referred before, of your guests.

Even if you don’t have a lot of color going on in your dining room, if the color of your mid-century modern chairs, per instance, is a bold one, it for sure will make a statement, so be bold and proud of your choices and add a splash of color into the space.

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Collins dining chair is designed with a classic retro chic feel, and is perfect to complete the look of mid-century modern homes.



Marie is an occasional dining chair that incorporates all of the mid-century modern elements into a contemporary vision.



Bold moves create great ambiances, and these are some perfect examples. Gather these dining room inspirations and create your own bold space, match your furniture piece with a gorgeous rug and the final result will simply be brilliant!

Truly don’t be afraid to experiment and use colors that stand out from the rest of your dining room design to get a space with great vibes with a special yet simple touch. A colorful dining chair adds a statement and a rug completes the look and takes it to another level!

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Polanski is a felted wool rug produced using the traditional portuguese technique called “beiriz”, and has an amazing abstract visual.



Photo © Pinterest

Since it’s a place for special occasions, just have fun with it and your guests will adore it! Make it a joyful place full of strong energy and great vibes will follow.

Gather ideas from this dining room inspiration article and create your own fun place full of life and let us know how it went! We’d love to know how your space turned out and what tips you followed!

Have fun!

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