Gray Bar Stools and a Soft Pink Hue flood this Scandinavian Interior

This is a Millennial’s favorite, and we can definitely see why!

Millennial pink completely flooded our homes and our lives this year. From pink flamingos in the pools to pink armchairs and wallpapers, we have seen it all. And yet, this Scandinavian interior still managed to capture our attention with the most stunning soft pink hue, that contrasts with a set of amazing gray bar stools.

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The open plan kitchen concept you are looking at was the result of the joint forces between ZROBYM architects studio, Alexey Korablyov as creative director, and Sasha Hamolin, who was in charge of the design and visualization. To be located in Minks, Belarus, this Scandinavian interior design project mixes two things we love the most: bar stools and minimalist design.

While the kitchen keeps a more sober look, the dining and living room areas are filled with a joyful and very soft Millennial pink hue. In the living room, that pink tone is balanced with several shades of gray.

Subtle geometric patterns were added to the design to contrast with the simple and clean-lined furniture.

The minimalist living room also boasts a light wooden flooring that adds to the Nordic feeling of the home decor.

Our favorite furniture pieces of the bunch are, of course, the minimalist gray bar stools we can see around the kitchen island. The light gray of the stools creates a nice balance next to the dark gray counter and cabinets.

Renderings © ZROBYM architects | Sasha Hamolin | Alexey Korablyov

You can see their Behance page here.


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