Green Garden: An Outdoor Space, or a Modern Bar in Ukraine?

Spoiler alert! Garden is actually an amazing bar in Ukraine. And today you get to know all about it!

Restobar Garden is a concept bar located Kriviy Rih, Ukraine that first opened its doors last year after having found the perfect architecture and interior design studio to take their concept and make it a reality. The result was an ultra modern bar that makes you feel like you have never left the cozy countryside.

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With a concept thought by the owners of Restobar Garden, it was actually the architectural and interior design duo Azovskiy + Pahomova that designed the bar and make it look as magical as it is today.

When the designers first took on the project, the owner of the space wanted them to create a light and bright space with sophisticated shades. They also wanted to get seating places and fully embody the concept of a green garden we can all see finished now.

In order to achieve that green garden look, the designers went for a lot of ivy pots, hanging them on the ceiling, which were then complemented by other greens. They also paid a lot of attention to keeping the place bright and open, allowing for daylight to permeate into the wide room that makes up the bar.

As for furniture, the designers went with Danish furniture from  Afteroom and Norm Architects, at the same time they brought in a lot of Scandinavian design elements to it. This allowed for the creation of a lighter and refined interior.

In fact, every aspect of the design brings the whole concept together, from lighting to wall decoration. In fact, a few iconic designs by Seletti light up the bar at the same time they add an extravagant and eclectic tone that we all love so much.

The bar area was kept simple and clean, with a few white tiles that contrast with the stunning wooden counter on top. Four minimalist bar stools add to the feeling of contemporaneity in this unforgettable modern bar.

Photos © Andrey Avdeenko for Azovskiy + Pahomova

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