Green Inspiration with our Favorite Green Bar Stools

Enjoy the beauty behind the different types of green that look amazing on this Bar Stools!

Green, a color that brings a sense of peace, relax and one of the colors that takes more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye. For this reason, we will present to you our favorite green bar stools, that will delight everyone who sees them and will even catch the attention of those who are more distracted.

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Lime green bar stools

Photo © Braeburn

Lime green is a catchy color and the contrast that it makes with white is amazing. If you want to give all the attention to your bar stools this is the color that you should pick, and we are sure that you won’t regret.

Sage green bar stools

Photo © Sediarreda

Sage green is exactly the contrary of the previous one, more subtle and at the same time delicate, which will make you love your sage green bar stools. Sometimes it’s hard to find a color that’s neutral enough for house-wide use, but that won’t be a problem this time.

Mint green bar stools

Photo © Lauermarine

With those mint green bar stools, you will be sure to have a refreshing feeling in the room division that they are. For a heavy colored room, this mint green will give the slight and soft touch that you need to create a great design.

Olive green bar stools

Photo © Overstock

Green olive, usually associated with wisdom, peace and strong personality. Green leather bar stools fit amazingly good with dark brown and will give you that timeless experience in a mid-century environment.

Speaking about timeless experience and mid-century …

Pair it with…


With a 2 weeks lead time, ready to be part of one of your projects or your dining room, Russel Dining chair is extremely sculptural, it features an open back and deep horizontal tufting, both on the seat and its back. Definitely a mix between mid-century aesthetics with a contemporary twist.

SEE ALSO: Pastel Modern Bar Stools that’ll Make Your Bar Look Like Candyland

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