Here’s Proof Why Copper Bar Stools Might Be the Next Big Thing!

While we can safely say that the copper madness has calmed down, we still have to acknowledge the stunning material that is copper.

One of the most materials used in Scandinavian design and overall Nordic interiors, this rose gold material can definitely bring a fresh look to your WIP. Let’s take a look at some copper bar stools that make a case for Scandinavian interiors!

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We can best pinpoint the genesis of the copper madness when Apple presented its first rose gold iPhone. From then on, people wanted this glamorous shade everywhere in their lives! Scandinavian interiors became even more relevant, and copper started to pop up in every interior design, from private residences to commercial projects.

Restaurant and bar designs were not left out of the madness, and while it has since whined down a little bit, we believe that copper bar stools might still be the next big thing!

Whether you prefer backless bar stools or your typical breakfast bar stools with backs, copper comes to give them a unique touch of luxury. A design is automatically seen as more sophisticated when a copper finish is added to the original material.

Photo © Amber Interiors

The great thing about copper is how it can be used in multiple different styles. Industrial style and copper go hand in hand, as well as Scandinavian design and copper. However, if you have a mid-century modern interior and are looking for mid-century furniture finished in copper, chances are you will also find it, and it will look amazing!

You can pair copper with many colors, of course! However, when we’re talking about copper kitchen counter stools, we’d rather stick with the classics. A combo of white and copper, or black and copper is guaranteed to look stunning, and we have proof.

Photo © Yabu Pushelberg

And if you are looking for proof that copper is the ultimate luxurious material, then look no further… These minimalist copper stools are as comfortable as they are gorgeous, and they close our case on why copper bar stools are definitely making a comeback!

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