Here’s Why Clear Dining Chairs Are A Trend For Small Spaces

Doesn’t matter if you have a spacious dining room or a small one, clear dining chairs are the recent trend that stole our hearts!

It may have a modern and contemporary style to them but clear dining chairs could very well become timeless due to their flexibility in terms of how well they work in any space. It may just be what you’re looking for to add to your dining room decor!

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When it comes to this new trend, it seems that ‘plastic makes perfect’ and the new clear dining chairs are the example of that. I mean, look at them! It hasn’t went out of fashion ever since they came out in the interior design world and we can surely understand why!

Photo © Pinterest

These furniture pieces that seem to be all over Pinterest are a mix of the Scandinavian style with a more modern and slightly futuristic and contemporary vibe. It’s perfect for small spaces, creating more depth and the feeling of elongating the room it’s in. In fact, you can find this clear furniture trend not only in chairs but in other pieces as well, such as dining tables or side tables, even floor lamps.

Photo © Homepolish

Acrylic dining chairs are not only stylish and aesthetically pleasing, they are also comfortable and perfectly functional, just like any other dining chair. You can combine it with patterned rugs, a wooden table and even two other modern chairs with fabric, mix and matching different styles and materials.

Photo © SmartFurniture

Thanks to its nearly invisible design, these chairs take up almost no visual space, making a room seem a lot bigger and spacious than it is. If you have a small dining room to work with, these are perfect for you. It also happens to be one of those rare materials that can blend with nearly any and every style, so whether you’re looking for a minimalist approach, or be bold, there’s sure to be a way for acrylic to enhance your space.

Photo © Pinterest

If you’re looking for a dining space to take your morning breakfast on a hot Summer morning, these furniture pieces are absolutely stunning and able to create that clear, bright effect of a spacious and modern space that is even Instagram worthy.


Photo © Monika Hibbs

As we mentioned before, it’s not only dining chairs that work perfectly with an acrylic design. You can choose other furniture pieces with this material, such as a bar stool. It takes less space, it looks appealing and it’s sure to be an accent piece for your home bar or even for your kitchen counter, making it brighter and more spacious, something we all look for in a home!

Don’t be afraid to add acrylic in your home, but don’t exaggerate! Everything is better when it’s in the right quantity.

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