How Coffee Stations Became Bar Carts Biggest Rivals in Home Decor

While we are always looking for ways to make your home bar look better, we have recently come across a new trend that seems to be rivaling bar carts in the home decor scene. Coffee stations are a huge trend right now, and people seem to be giving their morning routine as much attention as to their dinner parties’ cocktails! Let’s find out how coffee stations came to be as huge in the home decor world as they are right now!

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1. Healthy lifestyle

People are getting more and more concerned about their health and the way the lead their lives. The shift that happened in the last years might be connected to the fact that home coffee bars started to appear in our homes. People worry about they eat, and breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, meaning a great coffee station is mandatory!

2. Coffee is super trendy!

Another reason why coffee bars seem to be rivaling bar carts is because coffee has become one of the most trendy drinks ever, over the last couple of years! Not only that, but people seem to be more concerned about where their products comes from, opting to buy healthier choices, and brewing their own coffee at home.

3. It’s a way to get your hands on a Smeg coffee machine

Truth be told, you have always wanted a Smeg kitchen appliance. And now that you have seen their “Sicily Is My Love” collection, you desperately need a reason to buy their coffee machine! Well, we personally think it’d look amazing in your kitchen coffee station.

Photo © Smeg

4. Extra storage!

Having a coffee station will allow for you to have even more storage in your kitchen. Because, even if these coffee bar ideas and tips we are sharing with you are all amazing, at the end of the day, it all comes down to storage. Having your own home coffee bar will get you more space to store all things coffee-related: mugs, napkins, bowls, even culinary books!

5. Brunch is the new black

Finally, one of the biggest reasons we have seen this uprising of the kitchen coffee stations is because of brunch. Everyone loves brunch, now. No one has breakfast or lunch anymore during the weekend. People have brunch, people get together for brunch. And if having your own home coffee bar is not enough reason to host Sunday’s next brunch, nothing is…

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