Industrial Bar Stools and a Minimalist Decor in the Heart of London

London has many hidden treasures. One of them actually lies in the heart of the city.

It was right in the heart of central London, that KIN was brought to life. It is a sort of indie and independent café that has been making its presence known. The best thing about it? The industrial bar stools and minimalist decor promises a cool, cozy ambience to have a cup of the selection of coffees the central London café offers every few months.

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KIN café is located in Fitzrovia, London, and it is a project signed by the interior design studio Etre Design LTD. In the making of this stunning bar design, café vintage chairs were used and re-worked with grey wool fabrics.

As space was a bit compacted, the whitewashed oak flooring was the chosen one in the vintage industrial interior to make space look bigger. The clean lines suit the place and allow the customers and the delicious food provided to make a real statement.

A blank, neutral backdrop was used to make the delicious food be the statement of the café. The brass wall lights make the room feel friendly and the lush green herb wall at the rear serves as a complementary touch to add a charming touch to the industrial style design.

The interior design achieves its functionality as a beautifully finished and muted space, which lets the real beauty of the room shine: it’s industrial style lighting.

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Editor’s Choice

Collins is a crescent open back bar chair designed with sleek mid-century modern lines, that would bring a nice modern touch to this industrial bar.

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