International Palate: New Orleans Restaurants To Taste The Best Food

New Orleans has the best soul food and we’re here to show you exactly that!

First and foremost, welcome to Bar Stools Furniture’s very own bi-weekly signature: International Palate. We’ll take you around the world on a journey through international cuisine and the best bars and restaurants to visit in your favorite travel destinations. We got you covered!

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This week, we’re taking you to New Orleans, the city of jazz, soul food and great energy! Besides having a very rich and mystical culture, it also has amazing spots to visit that enchants everyone who explores this city.

Commander’s Palace

Founded in 1893 and nestled in the middle of the tree-lined Garden District, this restaurant has been a New Orleans landmark for generations. Known for the award-winning quality of its food and its amazing atmosphere, Commander’s Palace has been the go-to destination for Haute Creole cuisine and whimsical Louisiana charm. With Chef Tory McPhail running the kitchen you’ll get to taste some of the best Louisiana dishes with the freshest ingredients.


Parkway Bakery & Tavern

Maybe not as high-end as some restaurants on this list, but definitely with quality dishes, amazing comfort food, and true to New Orlean’s cuisine and culture. We couldn’t keep Parkway out of our list. Some call them the best po-boys in town. And the line to the order at the window tends to wrap throughout the entire dining room towards the door. Seems like the kind of restaurant you don’t want to miss out on.


Gabrielle Restaurant

A restaurant that had a life before Katrina hit New Orleans, comes back stronger than ever in what became a gem of Louisiana. Warm, inviting and with amazing dishes that make you come back for more, Gabrielle embraces new comers with a sense of security that almost feels like a hug, much like the feeling their food provides to everyone who tastes it. Visit Grabrielle Restaurant and find out just why it’s such a beloved part of New Orleans.

Hot blueberry pie for 2… the only problem is you're not gonna wanna share it!#wherenolaeats #noladrinks #nolaeats #followyournola

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Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits

Bacchanal offers a seasonal menu of exquisite, affordable small plates seven days a week at this wine shop known for its amazing backyard and live music. There’s also a cocktail bar that offers indoor seating. The menu features some items not as commonly found on the New Orleans menu but you need to check it out to find that out for yourself. However, one thing is sure, you won’t be disappointed!

The weekend is here//Step into our ‘secret garden of wine’ @punch_drink @danielkrieger

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This fine dining restaurant in the French Quarter is not only appealing to the eye when you look at it from the outside, with its pink colors, but it’s also stunning on the inside, offering a mid-century, vintage vibe that definitely brings us back in time. Many of the colorful and energetic rooms overlook the lush courtyard through large glass windows. You’ll also find that the food is as appealing as Brennan’s itself, providing you with high-quality in every ingredient. Check out the menu at their website and see for yourself!



We’re in 2018 and guess what? Arnaud’s celebrates its 100 years of existence! Being the largest and most elaborate restaurant of New Orleans, we are not surprised that their reputation still holds up after all these years. Still providing amazing food and surprises such as the Mardi Gras museum. This restaurant embraces tradition just as much as they embrace change, calling for more and more people to come visit them.


Compère Lapin

Chef Nina Compton’s Caribbean and Italian infused menu stands out among Creole fine dining establishments, drawing from her Caribbean roots, experience in Italian cuisine, and classical French training and combining that with the culinary offerings of New Orleans. The result? A restaurant you just can’t miss out on! A well-executed menu full of dishes with the most intriguing ingredients, Compère Lupin is the place to be when in New Orleans.

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