London Craft Week: All the Right Reasons to Attend

As if London weren’t already exciting enough, this week is about to become even better. London Craft Week is two days away!

From the 9th until the 13th of May, London will have even more roads to roam around. London Craft Week is almost here, and today we are sharing why we’re so excited about it, and a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip this event if you’re in the city.

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1. The perfect reason to celebrate bespoke design

The design festival will be happening from the 9th until the 13th of May, and it will focus on celebrating high quality design and creative arts. Why? Well, people are turning to bespoke furniture brands to look for unique objects of beauty and substance in a world where mass production is still leading the way. So this is the perfect reason to celebrate uniqueness.

2. You can get to know more about craftsmanship!

For those of you who are yet not familiar with the term, we can try to define craftsmanship as the mastering of a certain skill, or a particular art. However, it is much more than that. Nowadays that the term craftsmanship is so trendy, the importance of high-quality design and custom, handmade pieces seems to be gaining bigger and bigger proportions

A DelightFULL lamp during its production process.

A unique Boca do Lobo handmade applique.

3. Know more about the London design scene and learn from the best

London Craft Week tries to keep up with the global trend that is craftsmanship, allowing visitors from all over the world to the meet the makers of some of their favorite handcrafted pieces, as well as gain exclusive access to current exhibitions in London, demonstrations, and even workshops.

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