Makeover Time W/ These Bar Stools for Kitchen Island Ideas!

 No matter the time of the year, it is always fun to have a makeover. And it doesn’t have to be that difficult!

Here at Bar Stools Furniture, we love a good makeover! Whether it is a full house makeover, or just switching your sofa for a comfier and better-looking one, we support you in every step of the way. Today, we are showing you why it is makeover time, and how these ‘bar stools for kitchen island‘ ideas can help you improve your kitchen decor!

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Bring an industrial twist to your kitchen with these aluminum modern bar stools. They look amazing in a more contemporary ambiance, but you can also put them in a rustic decor, and you’ll see how they still look stunning!

Add a mid-century vibe to your kitchen with these minimalist black chairs. They can be finished in black leather or any other fabric of your liking! How cool is that? The trick is to pair them up against a unique background, and they will immediately stand out.

In the photo: Collins bar chair by Essential Home | Amy chandelier by DelightFULL

Get a retro look for your own kitchen. These vintage bar stools make it look like you’re in a 1930s movie bar or canteen, and they bring back all the nostalgic feelings.


Keep it simple with a modern country house style that was much in vogue for the past year! The simple wooden counter stools make the kitchen island design stand out for its simple lines and marble top.

Go for a sleeker look with these copper plated and white leather kitchen counter stools. They will make your kitchen look effortlessly cool and modern, at the same time they’ll provide you with comfy seats for the family to have a quick breakfast in the morning!

In the photo: Gable bar chairs by Essential Home | Ike pendant lamp by DelightFULL

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