Mumin Kaffe: A Cheery Coffee Shop Design that Your Inner Kid Will Love

A place where kids can have fun and adults can indulge in the best coffee shop design there is.

Today we are taking you to a place that could easily be your regular coffee shop in Neverland, were you to live there. Mumin Kaffe was designed by Bond, whose goal was to create an ambiance where both kids and their parents could have fun and, according to us, where they could go to feel inspired. Be delighted by one of the best coffee shop design projects we have laid eyes on in a very long time… Mumin Kaffe.

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According to the designers’ page on Behance, “the design language is inspired by elements from the Moomin illustrations; the paneling of the counter resembles the Moomin house and the backrests of the green sofas mirror the Lonely Mountains.

As you walk in, you are greeted by an explosion of colors and attention to details. Above, you can see the mountains the designers make reference to in their description of the project. You can also see how minimalist flower jars were perfectly put at the center of the tables to create a more innocent and natural look.

Green, red, pink, and blue are everywhere. Mixing all these colors from our childhoods, the designers can capture the attention not only of the kids that enter the coffee shop but also of the parents, who can’t stop but wonder how this stunning bar interior design came to be.


Collins dining chair is designed with a classic retro chic feel and comes finely upholstered in velvet, supported by tapered glossy black legs with rich accents of polished brass.

And even if there aren’t any modern bar stools in sight, the interior designers at Bond made sure that upholstered bar chairs, as well as wooden bar chairs, were scattared a little bit all over the coffee shop, making room for everybody.

The Moon characters themselves are not the main focus within the space, but are used instead as playful details throughout the interior.

Photos © Paavo Lehtonen on Behance

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