Our Top Picks Of Mid Century Stools To Add To Your Kitchen This Summer

Need new inspiration this summer? We offer you a list of our top picks of mid century bar stools to complement your home!

If you’re in search of inspiration for your kitchen in order to make it more light and charming this summer, then look no further. Our picks of mid century stools will be the perfect choice to add to your kitchen and brighten up the space. Entering your kitchen, even on a weekday morning, will now be a pleasure.

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Your kitchen is, or should be, one of the most important rooms in your home. With summer coming along, bringing the good vibes and vibrant colors, you want to add that to your home as well. Light, color, nature – combine them all to have the best look inside your kitchen and feel even better inside your home.

White, light tones, the accent of the wood with the marble of the counter, this kitchen stools brings a sense of peace to the room. Once you combine it with a touch of nature’s colors, like the green of the earth or the blue of the sea, you get the perfect balance in your kitchen.

© Traditional Home

These transparent kitchen chairs work perfectly with any color pattern you decide to add to your kitchen. Let your imagination run wild, and add these chairs to the mix to complete the look. With a touch of metal in its legs the color of wood, it can be mixed with other materials to bring balance into the space. If you really want to brighten your kitchen, throw in some tones of gold and let the summer light in to do the rest.

© All Modern

If what you’re searching for is darker colors, this is the perfect piece for you. With a black seat and darker toned wood, you can add it to a white palette of colors in order to bring balance and a touch of color into your kitchen. Mix it with a touch of nature, and you get a more modern and exotic kitchen look without loosing that mid-century feel that this piece brings.

If what you’re looking for is a more retro and stylish piece, the Kelly Bar Chair is a perfect fit for you. Brought to you by Essential Home, this piece is not only comfortable but stands the test of time, being a timeless work of interior design. Essential for any season, this chair can add a lot of value to your kitchen as the focus point of your space.

© Wayfair | Pinterest

Looking for a stylish but more simple piece of furniture to add to your kitchen counter? This bar chair with golden metal and a gray linen pad will be a wonderful addition to your home. Its colors are light to brighten up the room and give the sense of more space in your kitchen. Complete it with a white marble counter and some brass suspension lighting, you’ll get the summer look you’re looking for your kitchen.

Are you into a more casual, fun and retro look for your  kitchen this summer? These stools are perfect for a more colorful kitchen, with its green pad and dark metal legs, adding depth to your space and a more playful look when combined with different colors. Don’t be afraid to go bold and experiment. You’ll be surprised how much you can do for your kitchen with so little.

If what you’re interested in is a more classic look, you can’t go wrong with the Russel Bar Chair, an aesthetic velvet chair that provides comfort and style to your kitchen. Incorporating all the mid century elements into this piece, Essential Home was able to bring you a bar chair that can bring a more fresh look into your space, without losing the touch with the past.

Now that we gave you the best picks of bar stools for any style you wish to complement your kitchen with, be sure to get inspired and start restyling your space now. We’re sure these pieces will fit your kitchen perfectly and bring the spirit of summer and light into your home.

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