Pack Your Bags, We’re Visiting The Best Bars in the World!

Summer is arriving and there’s nothing better than a drink on the best bars in the world to celebrate!!

Bars are always present during our life, at the end of long days, during long nights and sometimes on early mornings. But there are so many bars around the world, and it’s hard to know what makes one special and different from the others. Here you will be able to find some of the best bars in the world which found the balance between amazing drinks, awesome hospitality, and five stars environment.

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Some of the best bars are in London, being the first one The American Bar, where some of the best bartenders pass by, and where the actual champion cocktailer, Erik Lorincz is.

Photo © EveningStandard.


You can also find other amazing cocktail bars in London like Dandelyan, a balance between pioneering drinks, five-star hospitality, and sustainable practices, and Connaught Bar, where you can find unexpected cocktails like Tip of The Iceberg.

Dandelyan – Photo © Forbes

Connaught Bar – Photo © Forbes

Other than London, New York is also well known for having some of the best cocktail bars, like The NoMad, where you find yourself at home while you are away from home, and the Dead Rabbit where you can have an unforgettable experience and choose over 64 different cocktails.

The NoMad -Photo © JetSetter

Dead Rabbit – Photo © DeadRabbitNYC

Other bars that are really worth to mention are, The Clumsies in Athens, a warm and fun establishment with unique pouring and people skills, Manhattan in Singapore, the perfect place to have a nightcap and unwind for the evening, and finally Attaboy in New York, that is well known for not having a menu, a place where you need and you can trust the bartender to amaze you.

The Clumsies – Photo © 10best

Manhattan – Photo © Sethlui

Attaboy – Photo © The Telegraph

These bars are well known not only for the cocktails they have, sometimes simple things like modern bar stools, make a big difference and a tremendous impact and for that reason, they are really good to get some bar decor ideas.

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