Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner W/ These Fancy Table Settings

It’s time to start planning your Valentine’s Day dinner… Is your table set?

If you are in for a Valentine’s Day night in, one of the most important aspects of the evening is what kind of impact you are trying to create with the dinner that you’re going to serve. If you are still not sure whether to open with oysters or just a couple of simple hors-d’oeuvres, you can at least start thinking about your setting. Here are six of our favorites table settings that’ll guarantee you a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner!

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Forget the classic red table setting for Valentine’s Day! We’re pretty sure you’ll have a much more unique dinner experience if you stick to unique elements to create the best table setting for your loved one. These golden elements against the raw wooden dining table are everything!

Stick to sherbet tones to create a more romantic feeling in your dining room decor. Using rich fabrics on your dining chairs is also halfway to creating the perfect atmosphere. A Valentine’s Day decor that promises to make your S.O. fall even more in love with you…

If you don’t want to put up a whole three-course meal, there is a way to make things look simpler. Create a minimalist, yet romantic table setting, with just a couple of elements and a great cheese plate. Don’t forget the champagne!

Or… You can put your whole heart out on the table. Literally. Okay, almost literally. Mix rose pale pink elements with golden cutlery for a more cutesy look, and you can even go as far as to create your own heart-folded napkin!

If you don’t really know your way around origami techniques, these lovely heart-shaped plates will also close the deal. Get the best Valentine’s dinner ideas and the most stunning table setting, because your loved one surely deserves it.

Keep it simple and rustic with these raw dining chairs and table setting. Don’t forget the flowers for a classic finishing touch, and make sure you put together your own rose petal heart to hang on the wall. Because when it’s Valentine’s Day, you can get away with pretty much anything…

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