Ready to Ship: Stop Waiting on Your Mid-Century Bar Stools!

Still waiting on that bar stool you’ve ordered in March? Here’s a solution…

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re on the final stages of your interior design project is to get an e-mail saying that the furniture you desperately need will arrive between 8 to 12 weeks, and sometimes even more! Well, that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can stop waiting on your mid-century bar stools, because one of our favorite brands, Essential Home, has a ready to ship list stocked with everything you might need.

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Handmade in brass, Kelly bar chair is a mid-century bar stool with an art deco twist. It takes inspiration from one of the most classic Hollywood movies of all time, and it seems to be a hit during trade shows! The height can be customized, as well as the finish on the brass, and the upholstered seat.

Ready to Ship- Stop Waiting on Your Mid-Century Bar Stools!_1

Other great things for your bar/restaurant…

Gable Dining Chair

Upholstered in leather, Gable dining chair will grab your attention mainly because of its handmade polished brass base. Here you can see it in a bright orange leather, but it also looks amazing in white or black leather.

Ready to Ship- Stop Waiting on Your Mid-Century Bar Stools!_2

Russel Dining Chair

With a sculpted back arch, Russel dining chair is still capable of maintaining its simplicity and minimal design. Although you can see it in leather on the photo below, trust us when we say the velvet version looks absolutely gorgeous!

Ready to Ship- Stop Waiting on Your Mid-Century Bar Stools!_2

Loren Dining Chair

A part of a series of furniture, with a bar chair, sofa, and armchair to go with it, Loren chair is one of Essential Home’s most refined mid-century dining chairs.

Ready to Ship- Stop Waiting on Your Mid-Century Bar Stools!_2

Mansfield Dining Chair

With a bold blue velvet upholstered seat, Mansfield will be the focal piece of your dining room. Forget the dining table and chandelier, all eyes will be on this comfortable chair!

Ready to Ship- Stop Waiting on Your Mid-Century Bar Stools!_2

Wait! There are even more items on the ready to ship list!

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