Review: Is Collins Mid-Century Modern Bar Chair the Right Choice?

Read as we review what might or not be one of the best mid-century bar chairs on the market.

Essential Home, a mid-century luxury brand based in Porto, Portugal, has been manufacturing unique pieces that elevate any mid-century interior since 2015. With their Monocles sideboard being a hit in the home decor sector, the brand that is a part of Covet Group is also gaining momentum in the bar and restaurant interior decor market. Collins bar chair is one of the pieces they’re advertising as being perfect for a 1950’s inspired bar. We have seen it, we have tried it, and today we are giving you our take on this mid-century modern bar chair.

Let’s get to it!

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Meet Collins. Collins belongs to a wider collection from Essential Home, which include a dining chair, as well as a stunning accent chair. With simple and clean lines, we first identified Collins as being a sleek and more contemporary bar chair. However, once we saw the brass details in more depth, we quickly understood it to be a true mid-century design example. But we’ll get there…

After a quick glance, we saw that Collins was upholstered in black leather. However, once we got the chance to talk to the designer, it was explained to us that Collins can actually be upholstered in any fabric of the clients’ choosing, meaning you can take your personal bar decor to the next level. We immediately loved this feature, but it got better…

After we have tried it, we got to look at the polished brass details with a little bit more time and attention. Although we love how sleek it looks in black and gold plated brass, Essential Home’s product designer went ahead and added that too the brass feet and other elements could be customized. Nickel, black nickel, copper, brushed brass, you name it, they will most likely have it!

So far, the product review was going great, but we needed to see how this comfortable mid-century furniture piece would look in an actual bar environment. And although we didn’t have the chance to see it live, Essential Home’s team was very kind as to give us some their 3D projects, where we can see Collins looking as gorgeous as ever. See it below!

All in all, we would say this modern bar chair is a reliable and stylish choice, whether you are planning a more contemporary, or vintage bar. The high-quality fabric and finishes end up making this seemingly normal bar chair a wise choice.

Technical Info:

Length: 48 cm | 18,9 in
Width: 48 cm | 18,9 in
Height: 103 cm | 40,55 in

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