Salone del Mobile 2018: What We Have Seen and Loved So Far

Going on the third day of Salone del Mobile, we haven’t yet had the time to see it all. However, here’s what we have seen and loved so far!

Salone del Mobile 2018 hasn’t come to joke around, and on the third day of the renowned Italian furniture fair, we have already fallen in love more times than we can count. Every stand looks amazing, and inspiration seems to be everywhere. Scroll down to find out the very best of what we have seen until now!

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Essential Home

Essential Home’s stand is subdivided into two areas: a more common area, where daily cocktails are served every 4.30pm, and a more private area, perfect to get to know more about the mid-century furniture brand and its new items.

What we’re loving about the reception area are the bar stools carefully placed around the main bar counter and the two high bar tables, Janis. You can see a set of three Kelly bar chairs, as well as two Mansfield bar chairs and even a couple of Lorens!

Monocles sideboard could not be forgotten, and Essential Home brought it along, pairing it up with Diamond big mirror with its stunning geometric shape and metallic finishes.

Around the halls…

Going around the halls at ISaloni Milan we have found amazing furnishing pieces that we couldn’t stay indiferent to. Adrenalina had the most gorgeous and colorful stand, and our eyes went straight to these oversized lounge sofas with polka dots.

Then, of course, we have Seletti. We can’t even begin to describe how amazing their stand is at Salone del Mobile 2018! Full os colors, patterns, and their iconic Monkey and Mouse lamps, there is no way you won’t stop to snap a few pictures and ask a couple of questions.

Last, but not the least, there’s KFF. The brand had two absolutely stunning dining chairs that we fell in love with. The careful shape of the backs and the work that was put into upholstering each chair definitely make a difference, and it shows.

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